Enjoy our day-tour of some of Turkey’s finest Roman ruins and see Pamukkale (Hierapolis) which takes its name from one of the nature’s wonders, travertine.
Our daily tour begins with picking you up from your hotels and keeps on with a breakfast break in Korkuteli Yazır on our way to Pamukkale. Then we will have another break around Acıpayam before arriving at Pamukkale(Hierapolis). After arriving in Pamukkale area, you will see the Antique Theatre and be informed by our guides (in English, Dutch and German). Then you will have the chance to walk on travertines that were formed by the flow of hot calcium-laden water on earth.
You can bathe in the pools as you walk up to the ancient city of Hierapolis. After having a great time on white stones you will see the Agora, Antique City where you will again feel the history and have great memories. You will also explore the impressive ruins of the former Roman spa town of Hierapolis where you’ll find the Necropolis – the largest cemetery in Anatolia with approximately 1,200 graves and see the interesting tombs of that time. The final thing you can do in Hierapolis is to swim in the thermal pool (not included) or spend time around Hierapolis.
We will be back on our way to Alanya after having lunch (not included). We will also visit our sponsors, a gold-factory and a leather-factory. You will have the opportunity of shopping with group-discount and tax-free.
By giving several breaks and having dinner (included), we will be back in Alanya around 11:30 p.m.
Contact us in order to enjoy our day-tour to Pamukkale. We assure you, you will have a splendid time there by spending only one day of your vacation